The main stages of SEO promotion

June 1, 2020
Global Industrial Automation

So, what stages does the SEO consist of, and what kind of complex of measures does it include?

When you create a web resource, you must first add the site to Google, i.e. put it on indexing. Until this moment, search engines will not see the launched site, which means that you should not expect visitors from Google before indexing.

Next, you need to add the site to the webmaster tools of both popular search engines. Initially, the analysis systems proposed by search engines made it possible to see various parameters related to traffic attraction, but today the counters provide a lot of other useful information that allows you to evaluate the effectiveness of individual events for SEO optimization and launching advertisements.

Then a technical audit is carried out, the task of which is to establish that the site works quickly and smoothly, and also fully meets the requirements of search engines.

Compilation of a semantic core is a selection of relevant queries for which they plan to attract traffic from search.

Then the content is filled. At this stage of the SEO promotion, it is important to follow the rules of text optimization and compose meta tags in accordance with the requirements of search engines, avoiding spamming of selected keys.

To increase the value of an individual web page in the eyes of search engines, it is useful to put down leading links to it from other pages of the site. This is called internal linking, and it is carried out according to certain rules. You can also buy backlinks for that purpose.

The above areas of work relate to internal optimization, but they also distinguish between external ones. External optimization tasks are related to the purchase of rental and eternal links on other web resources: websites, blogs, forums, social networks.

Image by Csaba Nagy from Pixabay

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