Industrial Automation companies in Germany

August 30, 2022
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Hagen Rickmann


Hagen Rickmann

is part of the T-Systems Worldwide GmbH Board of Management and accountable for the Sales unit.

A guest contribution by Hagen Rickmann, Director at T-Systems*

Imagine what can have became of the German economy within the 1800s had medium and small-sized family-run companies not upgraded to modern manufacturing techniques. The Commercial Revolution would, obviously, have single-handedly easily wiped them in the market. Neglecting to undergo industrialization was effectively like signing their very own dying warrant. Today, the German SME segment is really a world leader. Because the "factory installers for that world, " they've focused on the study, development, and output of condition-of-art production technologies. The SME segment may be the backbone in our wealth, and it might be disastrous when we would lose it due to failing to heed the commercial automation trend.

This threat is much more real than you may think. At this time, our market is facing a metamorphosis as radical as what happened within the 1800s. Talk is of Industry 4., or even the 4th industrial revolution. Slowly and gradually, the development of commercial automation is causing massive changes overall running a business. Searching ahead, we will begin to see smartly networked industrial facilities for the future.

Because of chips, sensors and finish-to-finish networking, you will see an abrupt boost in the amount of always-on machines. Industrial automation ensures they will have the ability to communicate night and day, both with items with those who are accountable for them. Data volumes will undergo massive growth and many types of new information is going to be at our tips of the fingers. Furthermore, this IT-based availability will intensify competition greatly. "We are speaking about value creation chains progressively turning out to be value creation systems, " the Federation of German Industries (BDI) has stated, "and we'll visit a loss of the significance of lengthy-term bonds between producers and providers." The only real hope the mechanical engineering sector has of countering this development would be to introduce new or larger-based business models. Germany's mechanical engineers are actually dealing with start up business appliances focus on software. Later on, their machines will have the ability to talk to all producers from all over the world. And also the collation and analysis of information through industrial automation will open key experience that mechanical engineers can pass onto their clients.

Just how are medium and small-sized companies in Germany planning with this revolution? To date, they've done way too little. Even worse: Almost sixty-six per cent of SMEs in Germany don't know exactly what the term Industry 4. means, despite it to be the central theme of the year's Hannover Messe industry trade event. Deloitte's "Industrial automation among SMEs" study found a likewise worrying conclusion: 75 % from the medium and small-sized companies interviewed stated that industrial automation is undoubtedly the greatest trend sweeping the. Yet the companies admit to getting implemented the things they consider merely a "low" amount of industrial automation to date. And that is not really probably the most surprising finding of the study: Even though they understand the urgent have to address the space, virtually no companies has place the subject on its agenda – not to mention develop specific change targets.

It's as though an enormous tidal wave were at risk of the coast and just what are SMEs doing? They're simply sitting on the shore, watching the dramatic occasions unfold. However the situation not just poses a menace to the businesses themselves: many of us are in danger. The SME segment may be the backbone in our economy and, by using it, our wealth. 99.7 % of VAT-having to pay companies in Germany are SMEs. They create up 38.3 % of total revenue produced through the German economy and also the contributions of the employees pay almost sixty-six per cent (65.9 %) from the social security benefits our country pays out each and every month.

The way forward for German industry relies upon these businesses effectively riding the 4th industrial revolution – forget about, and believe it or not. Missing the commercial automation boat by neglecting to digitize items and production will take advantage of producers within the SME segment of the worldwide competition.

The tidal wave continues to be far enough away we have time for you to act. Germany is among only a couple of industrialized nations which have effectively maintained their standing as major manufacturing nations, regardless of the dramatic alterations in recent decades. We are able to ensure that it stays this way. Actually, when we find out the changes ahead early on, this might even end up being a benefit for the competition.

But time is drained for SMEs to tackle the subject of commercial automation and position themselves the main thing on the modification movement. Just a number of medium and small-sized companies have previously recognized Industry 4. being an chance to improve competition. They're working flat to get themselves ready for that connected, fully automated age with cutting-edge items. Take farming machinery maker Claas, gearing specialist Wittenstein AG, or automation specialist Festo AG for instance. The key factor now's to get the word out about industrial automation – in most in our interests.

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