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September 23, 2022
Program Structure

ATS Acquires Integrated Automation

Integrated Automation, Melbourne.

ATS is very happy to announce it has acquired Integrated Automation Pty Ltd located in Melbourne, Australia. Integrated Automation is specialized in system integration, control, industrial automation, and related services for producers. The entire team at Integrated Automation continuously serve clients underneath the title of ATS Applied Tech Systems Pty. Ltd. along with original team people of ATS around australia.

Armin Fahnle who becomes Controlling Director of ATS around australia said around the purchase of his company: "I'm very happy with our accomplishments at Integrated Automation during the last two decades and also the strong growth and ideal service it's presented to our clients. The choice to sell was taken as we recognised that just a bigger, proper owner might take Integrated Automation to another phase of their development. The companies fit together well, since both information mill much the same however with complementary customer bases. The by which we deliver projects and services is dynamic and our clients need to reply to both global possibilities and native industry transformation. Like a global and independent solution provider, ATS has all of the right elements to assist our clients meet their challenges, to energy further growth, to supply a secure home for that team, and also to strengthen tech support team for the clients. In the end add new releases and items to the portfolio, we continuously provide innovative and reliable process methods to our existing clients."

Erwin Jansen, ATS’s Controlling Director around australia because the foundation in 2001, moves onto a brand new worldwide role at ATS after building among the company’s most effective subsidiaries.

ATS’s start up business Development Manager around australia is Take advantage of Conway. For existing and potential clients from the merged companies, he sees a significant chance to grow the plethora of solutions offered, with greater breadth and depth of expert knowledge, while supplying robust and comprehensive service. A good example may be the ATS ADOS manufacturing IT suite that you can use by Integrated Automation’s existing clients, as the existing ATS clients can usually benefit from the improved abilities from the recently produced team.

Paul Bron, Director of worldwide Procedures at ATS described the proper need for the purchase. "ATS provides producers with items and services to bolster their manufacturing excellence programs. Global and native producers need to fully orchestrate their procedures and our MES/Mother solutions just do that. Nonetheless they likewise need sophisticated technical solutions. Within the 4th industrial revolution, generally known to as Industry 4. and Wise Manufacturing you will see a genuine drive to apply cyber physical systems. Which means that items are virtually made prior to being physically created. The advanced software produced and based on ATS is important within this " new world ". ATS really wants to improve its product offering, services and abilities across every aspect of Industry 4. and Integrated Automation’s team and expertise are actually a part of our offering. We continuously look for appropriate purchases to broaden our product offering and our global achieve even more.Inch

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