Basics of Industrial Automation

February 14, 2021
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Opto 22 explains automation simply with a basic cartoon video, “Automation 101 - What is Industrial Automation?” Adding intelligence, quality, and safety to a process is easier with automation, especially for doing things that humans cannot. Courtesy: OptOpto 22 has produced a 90-second animated video known as “Automation 101 - What's Industrial Automation?” The recording describes industrial automation and also the benefits it offers to companies and also to people.

"What's industrial automation?" the recording asks. "Industrial automation adds intelligence to some process."

A sizable area of the video describes the commercial automation process by explaining how automation is advantageous when brewing beer. The recording describes that automation might help a business maintain consistency for making the beer in addition to controlling specific areas of the procedure like maintaining water levels inside a tank to make sure that water levels don't drop or exceed safe limits. Tools like sensors and remotes, the recording states, might help ensure an even operation when there isn't any people around to supervise.

The recording concludes by explaining that industrial automation's benefits include other areas of the development process that could be difficult or perhaps harmful for any human attempting to do it yourself.

"Automation is excellent when you must do something an individual can't like lift heavy things or operate in extreme temps or monitor an enormous bank of sensors without relaxation, " the recording states.

Basics of Instrumentation Process Instrumentation
Basics of Instrumentation Process Instrumentation ...
Lecture - 2 Architecture of Industrial Automation Systems
Lecture - 2 Architecture of Industrial Automation Systems
Automation Basics
Automation Basics
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