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January 19, 2023
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Industrial-AutomationIndustrial automation is using control systems, for example computer systems or robots, and knowledge technologies to handle different processes and machineries within an industry to exchange a person. It's the next step beyond mechanization within the scope of industrialization.

Increase Quality and Versatility inside your Manufacturing Process

Earlier the objective of automation ended up being to increase productivity (since automated systems could work 24 hrs each day), and also to lessen the cost connected with human operators (i.e. wages &lifier benefits). However, today, the main focus of automation has moved to growing quality and versatility inside a manufacturing process. Within the automobile industry, installing pistons in to the engine was once carried out by hand by having an error rate of just one-1.5%. Presently, this is carried out using automated machinery by having an error rate of .00001%.

Benefits of Industrial Automation

Lower operating cost: Industrial automation removes health care costs and compensated leave and holidays connected having a human operator. Further, industrial automation doesn't need other worker benefits for example bonuses, pension coverage etc. Most importantly, even though it is connected having a high initial cost it saves the monthly wages from the employees which results in substantial financial savings for the organization. The constant maintenance cost connected with machinery employed for industrial automation is less because it doesn't frequently fail. Whether it fails, only computer and maintenance engineers are needed to correct it.

  • High productivity

    Although a lot of companies hire 100s of production employees for any as much as three changes to operate the guarana plant for that most of hrs, the guarana plant still must be closed for maintenance and holidays. Industrial automation satisfies the goal of the organization by permitting the organization to operate a producing plant for twenty-four hrs per day seven days per week and all year round. This can lead to a substantial improvement within the productivity of the organization.

  • Top Quality

    Automation relieves the mistake connected with a person. Further, unlike people, robots don't involve any fatigue, which leads to items with uniform quality manufactured at different occasions.

  • High versatility

    Adding a brand new task within the set up line requires training having a human operator, however, robots could be designed to complete any task. This will make the manufacturing process more flexible.

  • High Information Precision

    Adding automated data collection, can permit you to collect key production information, improve data precision, and lower your computer data collection costs. This provides the details to help make the right choices if this involves reducing waste and enhancing your processes.

  • High safety

    Industrial automation could make the development line safe for that employees by implementing robots to deal with hazardous conditions.

Disadvantages of commercial Automation

  • High Initial cost

    The first investment connected using the switching from the human production line for an automatic production lines are high. Also, substantial costs take part in training employees additional new sophisticated equipment.


Industrial automation has lately found increasingly more acceptance from various industries due to its huge benefits, for example, elevated productivity, safety and quality at low costs.

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