Electronic Engines

January 16, 2023
A new local operating panel

Diesel_EngineA couple of years back Sven and Juho began focusing on exactly the same kind of project not understanding about one another and just with a coincidence their pathways entered. They authored me regarding their awesome story and also the effective experiment of improving a diesel engine using Arduino Mega:

There is a prettty large community available within the vehicle/motorsports enthusiast world that loves their vehicle however the engine gets old, worn-out and even perhaps bad to renovate. What individuals do is to accept engine from the more recent vehicle having a modern direct injected diesel engine, with the cables, sensors and motor controller (the eu) and adapt it for their beloved old vehicle. This is just what is happening using the Volkswagen buses (known as vanagons in america) in which the diesel engines right from the start is a little around the small side and two decades later their performance isn't a lot better than an outdoor tractor. A “new” digitally controlled engine can be used to exchange that old worn-out engine, and knowning that follows better energy, less carbon dioxide and much better gas mileage.

BUT, this needs time to work and it is an intricate project. You need to adapt the cablage, install the eu (the motor controller) and should make sure that all of the peripheral sensors sitting all over the engine is introduced to the brand new vehicle and it is working. You could also need to adapt the instrument cluster behind the controls to create all of the warning lights and indicators to operate again.

The concept using the Arduino controller is to accept ENGINE ONLY after which allow the Arduino manage the engine using the sensors that's around the engine itself. Using this method, the motor swap is reduced to some weekend project and all things in public transit is being employed as it had been before. No instruments modification, no requirement for exterior valves and sensors, no modified cablage. Only the Arduino.

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Source: blog.arduino.cc
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