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March 16, 2017
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PCC EET on FacebookCurriculum prepares people to get specialists who design, build, install, test, trobleshoot and fix, repair, and modify electronics and systems for example industrial computer controls, automation manufacturing systems, radio and wireless communication systems, professional and electronic devices, and medical equipment.

An extensive-based core of courses, including fundamental electronics, semiconductors, digital and analog basic principles, and microprocessors, guarantees a student will build up the abilities essential to perform entry and intermediate-level tasks. Emphasis is positioned on developing the student’s capability to evaluate and trobleshoot and fix electronic systems.

Pitt College provides a comprehensive and thorough curriculum inside the Electronics Engineering Technology program. Students inside the program will first be needed to consider several core electronics courses, for example fundamental AC and Electricity basic principles, digital electronics, semiconductors, pc repair, electronic communications, yet others. Then, a student will choose elective courses inside the electronics engineering program that suit their career goals. Elective courses would come with options for example industrial automation electronics, PLC basic principles, basic principles of lasers, computer integrated manufacturing, hydraulics and pneumatics, and many additional classes. Begin to see the Program of Study to learn more.

Graduates should be eligible for a employment as engineering assistants or electronic specialists with job game titles for example electronics engineering specialist, area service specialist, biomedical specialist, maintenance specialist, electronic systems integrator, bench specialist, instrument calibration specialist, robotics specialist, automation specialist, production control specialist, plus many, a lot more.

Students enrolled full-some time and making acceptable progress should complete the program within five semesters. More hours might be required to achieve minimum needs in British, Math and/or Science.

The program also offers certificate options in Fundamental Electronics, Automation Technology, Biomedical Electronics, and Computer Systems. To learn more, call us.

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