Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering

January 17, 2023
Bachelor of Science in

How does a student fit in to 25, 000 other undergraduate students? Pretty well. This chart shows how students are divided into smaller communities called FIGS (Freshmen Interest Groups).Here’s the offer: upon graduation you’ll end up out in the market like a recently-minted engineer, getting been uncovered to any or all things electrical engineering related, by having an academic framework for finding out how to design anything.

There's no ultimate manual for creating a control system for any robot, but our goal would be to train the mental tools to request the best questions and complete the blanks by yourself, to consider and discover more on your own.

Shiny labs

We begin using the assets MU has put in the school of Engineering. With the help of a brand new wing to Lafferre Hall, we’re as much as 51Thousand sq ft of total lab space. That’s only for engineering. And lots of that lab space is open to you, based on that which you use your time and effort here.

Sales EngineerIt is going beyond normal classes with lab sections attached. Beginning as soon as newcomer year you will find the chance to obtain a hop on your graduate research career. The possibilities only increase as time passes. With Electrical Engineering, a lot of it could be completely advanced: micro electrical mechanical systems (MEMS), self-putting together robots, nick-size nuclear batteries.

And when you have some investigation beneath your belt, you’ll would like to get the term to future companies.

Career Services

  • National Instruments
  • Baloney EE 2003

A local of Lee’s Summit, Mo., Phil Vanduesen moved to MU’s College of Engineering from UMKC in 2002, graduation having a degree in electrical engineering in 2005.

Vanduesen immediately began for Honeywell in Might, where he'd labored like a summer time intern for 4 years.

“I labored in product, ” he stated, explaining that Honeywell is an expert in non-nuclear components for nuclear weapons. “Part of my responsibility incorporated developing the automated test systems for that items we'd developed.”

In 2008, Vanduesen required employment with National Instruments being employed as a sales engineer — selling a few of the items he accustomed to develop test systems at Honeywell.

“I operate in a workplace from the house, ” Vanduesen stated, adding that he's quite keen on the problem. “Almost our clients are engineers. Many of them are MU people, which will help to construct associations.”

Vanduesen has offered like a college employer for Honeywell and National Instruments. “Going to MU is ideal for the contacts you are making. A diploma from MU instantly provides you with credibility.”

Vanduesen stated he provides extensive fond reminiscences of MU, interior and exterior class.

“The individuals my classes were good. All of us assisted one another out, ” he stated. “I still connect with buddies from soccer practice.Inches

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