Applications of Digital Electronics

January 17, 2023
Describing a simple Functional

Sandals are utilized in digital electronics a number of its primary programs are referred to below.

Data Storage

A switch flop store one bit at any given time in digital circuit. To be able to store several bit switch flop could be connected in series and parallel known as registers. A register is only a data hard drive for several bits by which each switch flop store one little bit of information ( or 1). Thus a 4 bit register includes 4 individual sandals, each in a position to store one little bit of information at any given time.

Figure 1: Bit Binary Register

Figure 1 shows a 4 bit register. A variety from (0000)2 to (1111)2 might be saved inside it by simply setting or resetting the right sandals. Let's guess that switch flop the first is SET(1), Switch flop 2 is Totally reset(), switch flop 3 is Totally reset() and switch flop 4 is placed(1), the binary number saved within this register is (1001)2.


Sandals may also be used extensively to transfer the information. For this function change register can be used. A change register is really a register which has the capacity to change or transfer it content within itself without altering an order from the bits. It might be made to change or transfer data either right or left. The information is moved or moved one bit at any given time, whenever a clock pulse is used. The change register can be used as temporary storage of information. The change register can be used for multiplication and division where bit shifting is needed. The change register could be built using RS, JK or D sandals.

A four stage change right register is proven in Figure 2. Input information is put on store D and moved right.

Figure 2: Change Right Register

Each switch flop is controlled through the creation of the proceeding switch flop. Clock signal is used concurrently to any or all sandals. With every clock pulse details are moved to next switch flop as proven below.

1011 After first Clock

Within the above four bit change right the data from input might be moved to output in four clock pulses. It is really an illustration of bandwith.


Another major use of sandals is really a digital counter. It's accustomed to count pulses or occasions also it can be produced by hooking up a number of sandals. Counter can total to 2n. Where is the amount of sandals. Figure 3 shows a easiest binary ripple counter produced by sandals. It includes connections of switch flop with no logic gate. Each switch flop is triggered through the creation of its proceeding switch flop.

Four stage Counter

Figure 3: Four stage Counter

They are utilised in digital tools, clocks, frequency counters and computer systems etc.

Frequency Division

Sandals can divide the regularity of periodic waveform. Whenever a pulse wave can be used to toggle an switch flop, the output frequency becomes half the input frequency, as proven in Figure 4

Figure 4: JK Switch Flop Utilized as A Frequency Division

The creation of each switch flop is half the regularity of the input. When the input frequency is 160 KHz then creation of each switch flop could be so after first switch flop, 40 after second switch flop and 20 after third switch flop.

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