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September 9, 2015
Digital System design with
DAC Headphone amp Airtunes amplifier

Music Streaming Amplifier with AirPlay and aptX Bluetooth

For those who have a pc or smartphone running iTunes, along with a home Wi-Fi network, just add some D 7050 as well as your favorite loudspeakers. You'll are in possession of a condition-of-the-art sound system inside a stylish little package that matches anywhere in your house or apartment. Wireless access is universal because the D 7050 will also support Bluetooth aptX for point-to-point streaming with no network. The D 7050 combines NAD's innovative digital platform, the Direct Technology first introduced within our $6Thousand award-winning Masters Series M2 amplifier, with Apple's AirPlay Wi-Fi streaming technology to produce the best plug 'n play solution for wireless music in your house. Find Out More >

twenty-first century 3020 with aptX Bluetooth

NAD rewrote the guidelines for amps by redecorating the classic 3020 for that real life rather than permitting laboratory test equipment to achieve the last word, we ensured that people could correctly drive real loudspeakers with real music. Caused by this real life approach was a guitar amp which had less cost and much more seem. Today, the origin is more prone to be considered a computer or perhaps a smartphone a turntable, but the opportunity to choose loudspeakers that completely fit your taste continues to be an engaging argument for improving for an NAD amplifier. The D 3020 begins using the original NAD concept and takes it right to the twenty-first century while using latest high-speed technology. Find Out More >

Computer Audio for HD digital

The NAD D 1050 USB DAC is the easiest method to add high-defintion digital audio for your component hi-fi system. Both digital and also the analogue circuits are highly enhanced and according to techniques developed over 4 decades of NAD audio engineering excellence. Digital inputs focus on a variety of digital sources. SPDIF inputs support balanced AES/EBU, coaxial and optical fittings. The USB input is extremely special its asynchronous operation mode uses the D 1050’s high-precision clock to manage the creation of the connected USB device for that cheapest possible jitter. Find Out More >

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Advanced Electronics Commercial
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