Computer Science Engineering Final Year Projects

January 13, 2023
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Students taking levels operated by Informatics do a large individual project within their final year. The character of those projects will rely on the student's degree course. For Information Technology and Artificial Intelligence based courses it's expected the student will to experience a substantial programming project. For Digital Media based courses the remit is wider and could include the introduction of a technical digital media system using facilities in media Technology Laboratory. These projects are supervised and evaluated via written reviews and dental presentations.


  • List the subjects you'd be thinking about supervisory
  • Suggest numerous possible projects
  • Accept/Decline student demands for supervision
  • View your target and current supervision loads

Please list your interests and suggest a minimum of three projects prior to the finish of This summer. This will be significant because the project suggestions that faculty make will assist you to elevated the bar and inform the students' own suggestions. A powerful show of project ideas may ultimately encourage a much better pool of projects. It's hugely advantageous for college students to possess good examples of project ideas to check out.

Some students may request you suggestions about appropriate projects before they complete their second year of study. Even when you're not organised to supervise, please play the role of as encouraging and useful as you possibly can. It's inside your interests to do this should you choose finish up being organised.

Supervision procedure

Administrators make their very own plans for supervision conferences. Our current guideline is you should see all of your students for roughly half an hour per week, but clearly actual meeting occasions will be different with respect to the current condition from the project. Some administrators would rather see three or four students at any given time for just one hour conferences. You shouldn't feel that it's under your control to 'nanny' a student along. If your student doesn't desire to access you like a resource then that's their problem instead of yours. However, consistent with the insurance policy of monitoring attendance, if all of your students fail to reply to your emails and don't attend then please report this towards the School Director of Student Experience. Because of this, it's suggested that you simply keep your very own record of whatever plans for conferences with students happen to be made and what is happening at these conferences. As conferences are arranged in a number of ways they aren't recorded in Sussex Direct.

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Computer Science Senior Year Final Project: Poster
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