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February 28, 2023
Teaching at Computer

what can you do with computer science degreeWhile you’re thinking about generating a pc science degree, you’re most likely interested in what your choices is going to be after graduation. You have bills to pay for and kids to boost, so you’re seeking a job that’s a secure wager.

If this involves the long run, you will find couple of guarantees. But you aren't likely to locate a profession having a more positive outlook than information technology careers. With job possibilities growing considerably and above-average beginning salaries that escalate with experience, it’s no surprise you’re thinking about this area.

We all know, we all know – you haven’t made your choice yet. But because you explore your choices, it's usually useful to understand whenever possible about the kinds of jobs that'll be open to you when you earn your degree. That will help you inside your research, we examined greater than 560Thousand job posts in the last year to look for the most typical positions for information technology degree holders.*

So, what else could you use a pc science degree? Have a look!

Top Ten information technology careers

Below you’ll look for a detailed introduction to the very best 10 careers for information technology degree holders, purchased based on the final amount of jobs published in the last year. Learn a little concerning the responsibilities, outlook and generating possibility of each position.**

1. Software programs developer

  • Design or personalize computer programs software
  • Modify existing software to optimize operational efficiency or correct errors
  • Evaluate software needs and user must determine software feasibility

Available jobs (7/2014 – 6/2015): 165, 063

Forecasted growth (2012-2022): 22 percent or greater

Median annual salary (2014): $95, 510

2. Personal computers analyst

  • Evaluate information systems problems to enhance personal computers
  • Develop and test system design methods
  • Enhance system compatibility so information could be shared easily

Available jobs (7/2014 – 6/2015): 32, 018

Median annual salary (2014): $82, 710

3. Personal computers engineer

  • Develop methods to complex programs problems along with other network concerns
  • Provide technical guidance for troubleshooting personal computers
  • Confirm stability and security of system architecture

Available jobs (7/2014 – 6/2015): 21, 144

Forecasted growth (2012-2022): 3 – 7 %

Median annual salary (2014): $83, 410

4. Network systems administrator

  • Install and support an organization’s network system
  • Examine website functions to make sure performance the whole time
  • Perform data backup copies and disaster recovery procedures
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