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February 8, 2023
In Computational Sciences


Changing Hydrodynamics

Within this figure showing the introduction of spinodal decomposition inside a near-critical van der Waals Argon system, the liquid (red-colored) and vapor (blue) domain names automatically develop once the product is quenched in to the unstable area of the phase diagram and also be with time. The simulations were done while using changing hydrodynamics methodology produced for multiphase systems.

Atmospheric Modeling

This 3-d cloud was simulated utilizing a low Mach number model that precisely includes

water phase transitions in moist air. Iso-curves of liquid water are portrayed, intercepted with a vertical plane where power of water vapor is indicated.

High-Order Combustion Simulations

movieqlqv20297This picture was featured around the cover of Combustion Theory and Modeling and it was produced utilizing a new statistical formula for integrating the multicomponent, responding, compressible Navier-Stokes equations, specific for direct statistical simulation of combustion phenomena.

To review the results of thermal fluctuations in liquids in the microscale, we've created a new low Mach number changing hydrodynamics code for multicomponent blends. The look shows the introduction of a diffusive layer convection instability like a layer of less-dense salty water is positioned on the top of the horizontal layer of denser sweet water. The observed giant fluctuations are triggered by lengthy-range correlations between fluctuations.

resizedimage450413 combustionmodeling2Computational Cosmology

Scientists in CCSE and also the Computational Cosmology Center have worked with to build up a brand new, massively parallel N-body hydro cosmology simulation code. The code has been used at LBL to review the Lyman alpha forest.

Compressible Astrophysics

This simulation from the dying of the massive star used the compressible astrophysics code, CASTRO, and it was featured on Character magazine's Pictures of the Month. CASTRO is really a massively parallel radiation-hydrodynamics code getting used to review explosive astrophysical phenomena.

Low Swirl Burners

NOx pollutants inside a simulation from the low swirl burners experiment within the LBNL Combustion Laboratory, taking the complex cellular burning structures within this lean premixed hydrogen-air flame that cause localized locations where NOx pollutants are enhanced. The simulation, that is in the full proportions of the experiment, may be the to begin it's kind, when it comes to domain size, and chemical fidelity.

DLC2 Nyxpic KensAncientStar hydrogenSwirl

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Computational Science and Engineering lec32
Computational Science and Engineering lec32
Computational Science and Engineering lec21
Computational Science and Engineering lec21
Engineering Insights: Computational Science and Engineering
Engineering Insights: Computational Science and Engineering
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