Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering Technology

January 19, 2023
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The mission from the Southeastern Louisiana College Engineering Technology program would be to prepare students to ensure that they'll establish themselves as effective, practicing engineering technologists within their particular concentration in ET, and can advance themselves appropriately by accepting duties and leadership roles for the advantage of society. The Engineering Technology program is accredited through the Engineering Technology Accreditation Commission of ABET.

Program Educational Objectives
  1. Graduates will achieve professional understanding, skill and competence within their particular concentration in Engineering Technology.
  2. Graduates will become familiar with to speak effectively inside a professional atmosphere.
  3. Graduates will comprehend the ethical and social impact of engineering practices.
  4. Graduates will understand the requirement for professionalism within their particular area of employment or business.
  5. Graduates shows job readiness and particular background learning their particular concentration in Engineering Technology.
Program Description

ET Students

The area of Engineering Technologies are worried about the sensible use of engineering understanding to aid engineering activities. An Engineering Technology program is different from a vintage Engineering program for the reason that it's more applied and centered on programs of technology while an Engineering program is concentrated more about theoretical basic principles that can result in the introduction of new technology.

The goal of the Engineering Technology Program would be to stress engineering technology basic principles bolstered by practical encounters, and also to prepare students for engineering and technology related professions, advanced education, and long term learning. This program will stress the use of sciences towards the solution of technological problems, technical understanding, problem fixing abilities, and implementation abilities.

The next levels or specialized regions of study is going to be offered in this particular program (the yearly curriculum sheets for every concentration are incorporated below):

Computer Engineering Technology Concentration

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College of Computer Studies and Engineering
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