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January 19, 2023
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The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering(ECpE) provides a Masters Degree in Computer Engineering 100% online. An average schedule includes one class a semester, permitting students to complete their degree in five years. Research areas inside the ECpE department include:

  • Advanced Electronics and Materials
  • Communication, Controls, and Signals
  • Computing as well as networking Systems
  • Energy Systems
  • Secure and Reliable Computing
  • Software Systems

Admission Needs

Prospective students are encourage to try to get admission a minumum of one month just before the start of the semester. For fall admission, apply by This summer 15 for spring admission, apply by December 1. Students may require 9 credits like a non-degree seeking student, so you'll be able to start your studies before formal admittance in to the program. Admission and application methods for that Computer Engineering graduate program are available around the ECpE department page as well as on the Graduate College website.

Degree Needs

Training Only Option

Online resources Engineering in Computer Engineering and Master of Engineering in Electrical Engineering levels are made to assist all people who curently have a bachelor’s degree in engineering or related areas pursue in-depth study in electrical or computer engineering. Using the quickly altering technological landscape in engineering industries, a sophisticated degree or ongoing education apparently has become progressively necessary. Our Master of Engineering programs derive from training credits only (no thesis or creative component is needed), and classes are offered via our online movies online online education program.

How you can Apply?

Apply using Iowa State’s Admissions Site and Graduate College Site.

You'll need:

  • 3 recommendations
  • An announcement of purpose
  • An over-all application

GRE scores are needed only when your undergraduate GPA is below 3. or you have under 2 yrs of full-time employment experience.

To accomplish the program you'll need:

  • No less than 30 credit hrs of training (No less than 22 of those credits will be gained at Iowa Condition.)
  • A minimum of 24 from the 30 credit hrs of training should be from electrical and computer engineering with 12 of individuals credits from one section of focus and 6 from outdoors the region of focus. See Core Research Areas for Graduate Study info on focus areas.
  • Independent Study credits (EE or CprE 590) might be taken as frequently as preferred, only 3 credit hrs might be counted toward the loan needs for the program of study.

Creative Component Option

The Masters of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering includes a total of 30 credit hrs. Students typically are permitted to transfer as much as 6 credit hrs of non-ISU graduate credit to their degree program. More credits might be allowable as lengthy because they have obtained a grade of B or better and therefore are permitted through the student’s Program of Study Committee. Some off-campus students pick the non-thesis option, a thesis choice is available.

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