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February 13, 2015
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U.S. News &lifier World Report has gone out using its graduate school ratings for 2016. Even though the Jacobs School of Engineering overall rated #17 from 195 engineering schools, there is better news in negligence laptop computer centered on computer engineering (that is split between CSE and Electrical and Computer Engineering). The UC North Park computer engineering program tied for #13 with UCLA and also the College of Los Angeles.

There is not new to report on the pc science side. That is because playboy doesn't do annual surveys laptop or computer science programs, since for the most part schools information technology isn't situated within the engineering school. The final survey laptop or computer science - released in 2014 - had UC North Park tied for #15 one of the top U.S. programs.

Building on fundamental engineering talents including wireless communications and biomedica engineering, the college has become developing new information centers in emerging, interdisciplinary research areas including wearable sensors, extreme occasions engineering, sustainable energy and, and visual computing. The Very Best Graduate Schools ratings derive from two kinds of data: expert opinions about program excellence, and record indications that measure the standard of the school's faculty, research and students.

Top School in Baltimore for Becoming a Software Engineer
Top School in Baltimore for Becoming a Software Engineer
USNews: Engineering Grad School Ranking
USNews: Engineering Grad School Ranking
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